Winning Hurt – Helpful Hints – Meds & Exercise!

Winning Hurt
For race car drivers & others overcoming injury.
MEDS FIRST: I don’t know about you, but after I suffered a traumatic brain injury from a sprint car accident in 2003, I felt like I was a guinea pig for the drug companies! It was a tug of war for me. I knew my body and brain needed something but as I tried to do the normal living activities, the drugs helped with the side affects of the injury but made me feel worse in a different way. A different kind of bad! Can you relate?
One doctor was smart enough to help me not give up on medications. She had me take smaller doses but also take many of them at night, before bed. That really helped me. By the time I woke up to face the day, I didn’t have the side affects of the drugs to deal with. They settled down while I was sleeping.
NOTE: Before you try this, please contact your doctor for approval. Not all drugs can be taken at night or last into the next day.
EXERCISE: My frontal lobe brain injury caused me to have trouble exercising. It’s still a problem 16 years later! It sets off many of the original injury symptoms such as lazy brain and pressure moving around my face and changing locations by the minute!
If your injury prevents you from exercising:
Consider these two things.
1. Do something. Don’t give up! Even if it is walking.
2. Exercise before bed. You can sleep off the symptoms that come from exercise and start the day off feeling better.
I just wanted to work on my stomach and tried planks, bicycle crunches, leg raises and bird dogs. I did them right before bed. Sure enough, the side affects kicked in but I went to bed and slept it off and had no side affects when I woke up!
These things might be helpful to you too. The main thing is to not quit. Keep looking for ways to overcome your injury and win at life.
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