Wednesday Wedding Winners – Don’t Wait, Maintain!

Wednesday Wedding Winners by Jett Life Ministries
When a spouse says; “I want a divorce!”
The other one says; “How could this happen? I thought we were happy? I thought you loved me?”
Maintain your marriage. You know, like you maintain your car, your race car, your bike, your quad, your body, your garage, your house, your kids, your career…. But not your marriage. Get the picture? (GOT YOUR ATTENTION? CLICK TO CONTINUE)

Many spouses get side swiped for a variety of reasons. Just make this your aim. Do everything you can, as far as it depends on you to make and keep your marriage thriving. Don’t wait for your spouse to start it.

And what keeps a spouse from doing maintenance on their marriage? You know, like signing up for a marriage conference, retreat, class, small group, counseling? PRIDE……

See where that gets ya. Oh, I know. That’s why I’m writing this post. I’m sharing with you from first hand experience. My first marriage failed after 18 years because of what I’m sharing. My current marriage is going on 18 years and Deanna and I protect and maintain this one.

Jett Fuel Moment. Do you want the best chance to make your marriage thrive? Include God. After all, He invented marriage! You can try to be a better spouse but God is in the transformation business! He gives you a new heart. One that loves. Loves like He does.
Call or message me and I’ll tell ya how to get started.

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