Jett Life – What’s in a Name??

Jett Life Ministries


F-16 fighter jets and sprint cars have something in common. Neither have reverse! They are created to go forward! Jett Life Ministries name comes from that fact and from my life experience as an F-16 inspector in the Air Force and as a sprint car driver. Our Christian faith is […]

Wednesday Wedding Winners – Use Names of Endearment

Wednesday Wedding Winners – Jett Life Ministries

Bring the sweetness back into your marriage!


“BELOVED” is used 31 times in Song of Solomon!

When my first grandson was barely able to talk, he heard me call Deanna; “Dear.” Karson quickly responded by telling me; “Her not Dear, her Nanna!”

I’ve used Buttercup, Ace, Champ, […]

Monday Mornin’ Wake Up Call with Big Ern – Huggin’ someone don’t make ya a sissy!

Monday Mornin’ Wake Up Call
with Big Ern (Ernie Gastineau -Encourager Extraordinaire)
Loving & Hugging people don’t make you a sissy. It’s contagious. Spread it.
Love ya
Big Ern

Big Ern’s Bio:
Ernie Gastineau is an 84 year old man that bubbles over with a positive outlook on life. He challenges others to enjoy and embrace each moment of […]

Monday Mornin’ Wake Up Call with Big Ern – You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Monday Mornin’ Wake Up Call with Big Ern
Ya ever heard the sayin’; “Ya can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” DON’T BELIEVE IT! I’m 84 years old and I’m in the bible every day!
I listen to the bible up to an hour a day! Currently in the Psalms. That’s a huge change for this old […]

Ernie Gastineau

Encourager Extraordinaire
Ernie Gastineau is an 86 year old man that bubbles over with a positive outlook on life. He challenges others to enjoy and embrace each moment of every day with the right attitude. One that is positive, joyful and filled with purpose.
Big Ern is a proud and devoted follower of Jesus Christ that has […]

Character – Conduct -Conversation Part 3 The Tongue

Character, Conduct & Conversation
Part 3
The Tongue
Is it your tool of construction or destruction?
Are your words poison or medicine?
Self controlled or uncontrolled?

The Power of the Tongue:
Careless words, swear words, evil words. The stories we tell, little white lies and big ones too! Boasting, gossip, words delivered in anger, slander, etc.
For my Christian followers out there, chew […]

Get Educated – Difference between Christian & Muslim Fasting

Get Educated
By Jett Life Ministries – Helping People Win at Life
Ramadan for Muslims in the U.S. is June 5th to July 5th.
It has a lot to do with fasting.

Question: “What is Ramadan?”

Answer: Ramadan is a holy month in the religion […]

Prince. Part 1 An inside look

Prince. What I learned from my visit to Prince’s properties in the late 80’s. Part 1 of 3

An inside look
In 1989ish, I was living in Minnesota and working as an insurance loss control inspector. I had the privilege of inspecting Prince’s properties. The split level purple house that Prince got soon after stardom. The new, […]

Character – Conduct & Conversation Back to the Basics

Back to the Basics
Fish are for eating
By Phyllis Dixon – Jett Life team member.

I’ve noticed that working with 1 year olds, my directions to them are often times short and to the point. When one little boy is in my classroom, I find myself repeating the words, “Off the steps! We only use the steps […]

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