“Our hearts’ desire is to help people, so that everyone has the chance to win at life.”


Jett Life is a Christ centered non profit ministry organized to help people learn how to win at life by understanding that God has a desire for us all to live life to the fullest.

Jesus said; “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

But sometimes in the fast lane of life we crash and burn. Jett Life is helping people win at life whether or not a crash has happened. “Jett” has built a strong team of people, from soldiers to athletes, from masters of industry to pastors, who have been down some of life’s harder roads, and now want to help. It is our passion to share with people how to not crash and burn but, if they do, how to get back in the race and thrive, winning at life!

We believe that it begins and ends with Jesus.

A brief history about our founder:

Jeff “Jett” Branaman grew up in the fast lane. Literally. As a young boy he was racing quarter-midget cars. During one of those races he was listed in the program as Jett. The later programs were fixed but the name stuck. So Jett continued to race into adulthood. His love and passion were the winged sprint cars, dirt track racing, on the edge of speed and quick-thinking.

In 1995 Jeff gave his life to Christ and continued to race, becoming an inspiration on the track and influencing those around him that there was more to life than the competition and glory of the track. Then, later in 2003, he felt a strong pull to the ministry. To give up what he had been doing his entire life and pursue a life of servant-hood to his fellow man.

Later that same year, while racing an 800 horsepower sprint car his car flipped. Jeff walked away with no visible traumatic injury, but his brain was left in shambles. He suffered a frontal brain injury and had to retire from racing. This began his transition “from the Pits to Purpose.”

As he migrated from one passion into another, Jeff realized something; the time and perseverance it took to come back from that injury gave him a great compassion for all people trying to overcome life’s difficulties.

That’s where his motivation comes from.

“My goal is to help people win in life because too many of us are crashing, with no way out of the fire. I’m tired of watching life crashes and people either giving up, or not getting fixed. Settling for a beat up, mediocre life. A life in the Pits!” – Jett

We live in a time of seemingly great moral decline. People of all ages are having their lives affected by the consequences that come with a society almost completely free of morality. This leads to poor choices in life, making it seem like there is no way out. With our ever-increasing network, we are able to connect people with people, to get those broken the help they need.

No one should be left behind in the race of life, so join us in the fast lane, and let’s start winning at life!

Those we wish to reach

People dealing with marriage & family issues, loss of loved ones, major disabilities, cancer, women’s & men’s issues, adoption, TBI, PTSD, depression & many other areas that people of this world are attempting to deal with.

“From the Pits to Purpose” is the all-inclusive area where I will share my racing and other life experiences to show how to champion character, conduct and conversation to be successful in this life.

“Winning Hurt” is our ministry which specifically targets racers, athletes and soldiers. It’s designed to help them and their loved ones in a journey of healing & recovery and to find success again in their career/sport or beyond in the next season of life.