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I set this up for my wife, Deanna. I know coffee makes her happy to start the day and I made nice statements about her on 52 cards and turn over a new one each morning for her to read. TODAY: “You’re happy & make me happy.” Deanna is a happy human. She’s good medicine for my soul because I tend to see the glass 1/2 empty!
My good friend, Kelly Taylor, reminded me in our last men’s gathering that we can CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY every day. Kelly has been in a wheel chair for 20 years and runs a ministry called KCT Project that helps others overcome anything. Kelly’s; “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY” stuck with me this week and I wanted to share that same statement and challenge with you. If you need help, find some happy people to surround yourself with and it always helps to get close to Good.

Here is a very good article on joy & happiness from a biblical perspective. https://www.gotquestions.org/joy-happiness.html

Love ya,
Pastor Jeff
Co-Founder Jett Life Ministries
Pastor @ The House Church – Sedona-VOC, AZ.
Race Chaplain / Former Race Car Driver / TBI Overcomer

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