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Gift Giving: Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But keep trying!
I tried shopping on line for my wife at Christmas and a few weeks ago for our anniversary. I ordered these two tops for her that I saw on a Facebook ad. 1st, they didn’t arrive on time. 2nd, They looked nice on the models but as Deanna opened the packages, she thought I was playing a joke on her. With a laugh, she asked; “You didn’t really want me to wear these, did you?”
Immediately I knew that I had blown it again with my gift giving. At Christmas I bought her a nice pair of boots on line. She opened them and found that they were two sizes too small. It took me three months (with help) to return them and she still hasn’t replaced them with the right size!
I have prided myself over the last 19 years of marriage for giving great and or fun gifts. This one landed on the fun side when really it was supposed to be on the serious side!
What’s my point? What is the lesson for me and for you in your marriages?
1. Give gifts to your spouse.
2. Work hard to find out what gifts your spouse wants.
3. Don’t avoid some fun or funny gifts to go along with the special gifts.
4. You don’t have to go broke in gift buying to make them count.
5. If you blow it like I just did, laugh. Let them laugh and be ready to laugh with them. It’s not the end of the world and…
after all, isn’t it really the thought that counts?

Love ya,
Pastor Jeff
Co-Founder Jett Life Ministries
Pastor @ The House Church – Sedona-VOC, AZ.
Race Chaplain / Former Race Car Driver / TBI Overcomer

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