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Did you know… That GEICO Insurance spends more money on advertising than any other insurance company? That they are the 2nd leading TV advertiser next to Proctor & Gamble? Why do you think they spend all that money? BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE KNOWN!
Did you KNOW Jesus wants to be known and wants you to KNOW how to live life and avoid the pits of life?
So the question is… How many of you KNOW?
1. Do you KNOW Jesus?
Not “about” Jesus but KNOW Him personally?
2. Did you KNOW that Jesus can be known personally by reading the WORD/BIBLE daily?
3. Did you KNOW that reading the bible will help you KNOW how to walk and where to walk in this life?
Make time today and this weekend to read 2 Peter chapter 1. Underline the words knowledge, remind, memory and remember.
Look for part two next Friday on Facebook or at Jettlife.org blog section.
Note: This series was inspired by the small group teaching on the armor of God by my friend, Doug L.
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