Quit Trying to Be God!

It’s a noble trait to carry the weight of your piece of the world, but how’s that going for ya? I was that guy as a young man, husband and father. My mindset was that I didn’t need any help. I would provide for my family, finances, a home, protection and strength to handle anything that came our way! My mindset was threatened one day. A visit to Sedona, AZ. Slide Rock State Park would expose my weaknesses and would cause me to journey after a better way. My daughter was an infant and I sat her in my lap to slide down the slippery red rocks that was a natural slide. Trouble set in as we exited the slide. The disturbed water caused me to lose my grib on Sara and she was headed down stream and out of my reach! I was helpless. But out of nowhere came my teenage brother in law. He dove in to the rolling waters and pulled Sara to safety. That day I learned that my abundance, security and strength was not going to be enough!

In the Bible, God spoke blessings through Moses to His people before they were to enter the Promised Land. It can be found in Deuteronomy chapter 33. To the last tribe mentioned (Asher) God said this; “The bolts of your gates will be iron and bronze, and your strength will be equal to your days.”

God was going to be their strength, provide strength as in strong metals.   “Days” has to do with God supplying what they would need by the day. This would take constant dependence and trust “IN” the Lord.  So their ABUNDANCE – SECURITY – STRENGTH would come from the Lord.

MY POINT TODAY: Let God be God. Humble yourself and give Him his rightful place in your heart and life and he will have you participate. Learn His voice, know His Word (Bible) so you can follow Him and enjoy His Blessings. So that your family can reap the benefits of God too.

My brother in law was God’s strength sent in human form. God provided the rescue and the security. This “God moment” was one of many that followed where God would woo me to Himself. That wooing took 16 adult years to break me from being God to turning the reign over to the One True God.

How bout you? Ready to turn the reigns over?

Love ya,
Pastor Jeff
Co-Founder Jett Life Ministries
Pastor @ The House Church – Sedona-VOC, AZ.
Race Chaplain / Former Race Car Driver / TBI Overcomer

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