Prince. What I learned from my visit to Prince’s properties in the late 80’s. Part 1 of 3

An inside look
In 1989ish, I was living in Minnesota and working as an insurance loss control inspector. I had the privilege of inspecting Prince’s properties. The split level purple house that Prince got soon after stardom. The new, huge home he would later live in and Paisley Park Studio. The same one Prince took his last breath in.

Prince’s younger brother, Duane Nelson, took me through all of the properties. He was a very nice man. I hurt for him as we walked through the purple house. Prince’s father was living in the home at the time and I briefly met him. Three things caught my eye there.

1st. As we approached the front door, I noticed (Memory is fading) Vanity or Apollonia’s name written in the concrete walkway.
2nd. Prince’s dad held himself like His son. He had men’s high heal boots on similar to what Prince would wear on stage. Fancy designer pants too. He even strutted like Prince!
3rd. I saw tons of photo’s of Prince throughout the house and not one of Duane, the son that was leading me through the house. That broke my heart.

I asked Duane where he lived. He said, “North Minneapolis.” That area wasn’t the best but he was quick to say how it was an honor to live there. That he tried to keep his house and grounds up to be a role model to the neighbors. I’ll never forget that.

On to the big house. Two stories with a finished walk out basement on a huge lot. A room filled with shoes caught my attention. A beauty salon with the checkered black and white tiled floor. Just a beautiful, well kept custom home. But for some reason this is the thing that I have always talked about. I wasn’t used to seeing bidet’s in bathroom’s. For you redneck readers, that is a wash basin that you can use to clean your genitals and anal area after using the toilet! TMI! Ha. Well Prince had a flower pot in his bidet! Ha.

Now to Paisley Park Studio. I couldn’t even pay attention to my job as I entered the main concourse. So beautiful and state of the art for that time. Several people walking around and I was wanting to pay attention to all of them,thinking that they could very well be Prince or another superstar. My memory was so fogged that nothing else stuck out to me. Just that I was in Prince’s one of a kind recording studio. Wow!

Be on the look out for my 2nd post. Part two of; “What I learned from my visit to Prince’s properties in the late 80’s.” Vanity

Love ya
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